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The fire thermal multipoints (thermocable) explosive security detector 102-2x2 (IP 102-2x2)

The detector provides the protection of chemical, wood re-making, metallurgy, oil and gas industry, its used also in food industry: oil-grease industrial complexes, breweries, elevators and so on.

The detector is produced in two views: in simply and in explosive security. Its convenient for protection of cable canals, subways, for the apartments with the compound forms of the floor. Using this detector, its possibly to disclose early stage inflammations, in industrial apartments high about 20 m.

The detector can work in heavy conditions: the high humidity about 100 %; the wide diapason of temperature from mines 60 C to plus 130 oC; the presence of aggressive environments ch 2 (x2) group; the presence of dust, vibrations, strong electromagnetic and electrostatic interferences.

The detector is used autonomous with reserve feed blocks, its accord with different monitoring receiver apparatus. This detector is certificated: Certificate for Fire Security; Certificate for Explosive Security; it's recognized by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for using on river and sea vessels.

The size of conjugations block (controller) is 205x185x60 mm, the weight is 2,0 kg. The consumption current in operating mode, is not more than 4 mA. Its possibly to make the detector with thermo-cell in metallic protection casing.

Its possibly to link up to the controller about 300 m of fire thermoelectric multipoints detector-cable and to provide the protection about 2000 m2 of the apartment.

The detector is completed in addition with consisting of points thermocouple detectors (IP 54) for cisterns and holds protection, with handing detectors - (IP 54), with contacts temperature detectors 1 (70), 2 (90) and with all necessary elements for mounting in the objects.

The simple mounting, the economic and technical characteristics of detector give the real reduce of expense for objects protection in 1,5 - 2 times by comparison with the protection of other facilities.

The table of basic technical information and characteristic curve

The designation of parameterThe value
1Two pickups of rate of temperature increase, C/min(51,0) and (102,0)
2The persistence of response, sfrom 30 to 180
3The consumption current, mA:
- in operating mode, is not more than 4
- in Fire mode, is not less, than17
4The voltage supply, V 243
5The commutation power of relay sockets, Vt (the current over sockets 0,25 A; the supply 36 V)15
6The whole weight of complete set (with the primary detector 150 m), kg, is not more, than6

The price is:

1The controller100$
2The commutation box10$
3The fire thermoelectric detector
- thermo-stable view (about 130 C)1$/m
- armored view (about 130 C)2$/m
4The bracket-tension1,5$
5The fire points thermoelectric detector for cisterns and holds protection10$
6The finals working principle of the monitoring10$
7The fire handing-contacts detector10$

Contact: 170037 Russia, Tver, Pobedy prospekt, 71-B, tel/fax: (4822) 327-632, 327-187 info@specsystem.ru