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   - IP 102-2x2
   - KTS “SPAS-SM”
   - UPS-TPS
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 НПФ «Спецсистемы»
The fire thermal multipoints (thermocable) explosive security detector ИП 102-2x2 (IP 102-2x2)
Complex of technical means of fire alarm for river and sea vessels КТС “СПАС-СМ” (KTS “SPAS-SM”)
The installation of fire alarm for railway’s transport rolling-stocks УПС-ТПС (UPS-TPS)
The fire combined transport standardization detector ИПК-ТУ (IPK-TU)
The installation of fire alarm for special railway’s coaches (laboratory, laundry, warehouse, salon and others)
Contact: 170037 Russia, Tver, Pobedy prospekt, 71-B, tel/fax: (4822) 327-632, 327-187 info@specsystem.ru